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Beef Shares

Butcher Hanging Beef

3.75 per pound plus cut and wrap

Wanting your own share of beef? We would like to help feed your family meet your needs. We take orders for 1/4, 1/2, to whole beef. We help you with the processing and will haul it to the butcher for you. (We use Northwest Priemum Meats in Nampa and Butch Block in Gooding). We need to have the whole cow accounted for before it goes to the butcher. We ask a $250 deposit for a quarter, 500$ for a half and $1,000 for a whole beef. On a half and a whole you can have it custom cut to your desires and needs. If you get a quarter you will get a mix of cuts from the front and hind quarters and will get standard cuts (no speciality cuts like tri-tip, brisket, flat iron steak, etc.) We charge $3.75 hanging weight which means once the carcass is hanging in the cooler and cooled we get the weight off the carcus and charge $3.75 per pound. You will need to expect cut and wrap costs on that weight as well. Normally it is a dollar per pound. You will get 65% of that weight back in beef (we have to account for bone weight lose). You will get your meat in fresh frozen packages. 
Here is a breakdown of what to expect an an average 1/2 beef share.

 Average hanging weight: 425 pounds (We strive to butcher between 18 and 24 months, growth varies with each animal)

Average weight of meat that you will be getting: 263.5

Average cost of meat: $1,593.75

Average cost of kill fee and cut/wrap: $425

Average total: $2,018.75

Deposit needed to hold this share: $500

We do like to finish our beef with 30 days of grain. They continue to eat 99% of their diet with grass (either on pasture or dried grass/hay depending on what time of the year it is) and we provide them with 18 to 20 pounds of rolled barley and corn per day. We do this because we like the end flavor of the beef and to aid in the marbling of the meat. 

We do have a list for Grass fed-Grass finished beef. Once we have a cow spoken for we would call and let you know that we are ready to set up the butcher and ask for a deposit. Wait could be up to a week to 6 months depending on the demand. 

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