Farm Products

Raw Unpasteurized Milk


Fresh raw unpasteurized milk in 1/2 gallon glass jars. This milk is unaltered, filtered and cooled with your safety in mind. We do ask for a $2.50 jar deposit if you don't have a 1/2 gallon Ball or Kerr jar to exchange.

Unpasturized Cream


Fresh cream skimmed off our milk in pint size glass jars. Our cream is so thick that it's spoon worthy. You will not be able to poor this cream but you can still do anything that you love to do with cream. Add it to your morning coffee, make butter, make whip cream or ice cream, or cook with it. We ask for a $1 jar deposit if you don't have a Ball or Kerr jar to exchange.

Hand Churned Butter

$4/half pound

Home churned butter from our cream. It has no salt added. Molded into 2 Tablespoon pucks for easy use you can butter your toast, use it for cooking or even just put it on saltine crackers. Sold in 1/2 pound frozen packages (8 pucks)  here at the farm only to ensure freshness. (Mel will be making labels and having them approved soon to have it available at the farmers markets)

Retail Beef

Starting at $4.75

Beef raised by us for you. Grain finished beef from angus cross cattle. Age at butcher is not over 2 years old. Dry aged  10 to 14 days and processed by a butcher in Rigby, Idaho that meets our USDA inspection requirements. Ask us what cuts we have in stock. We package for 2 people. Your hamburger will be in 1 pound packages, Steaks 1 inch thick andd 2 per package and roast will be 2 to 4.5 pounds. 

If we are fully stocked we will have

-Hamburger $4.75/pound

-Stew meat $5.50/pound

-Rib Eye Steak $13/pound

-Sirloin Steak $11.95/pound

-Skirt Steak $11.95/pound

-Flank Steak $7.99/pound

Tenderloin Steak $18/pound

-New York Steak 12.99/pound

-Round Steak $6.65/pound

-Cube Steak $6.10/pound

-Chuck Roast $6.65/pound

-Sirloin Tip Roast $7.00/pound

-Short Ribs $3.45/pound

-Brisket $4.99/pound

-Tri-Tip $10.49/pound

-Oxtail $6.99/pound

-Tongue $6.49/pound

-Heart $5.00/pound

-Liver $2.25/pound

Marrow Bones $4.00/pound

Beef Shares

3.50 per pound plus cut and wrap

Wanting your own share of beef? We can help you with that. We take orders for as little as a quarter of beef to a whole beef. We help you with the processing and will haul it to the butcher for you if need be.
We need to have the whole cow accounted for before it goes to the butcher. We ask a $250 deposit for a quarter, 500$ for a half and $1,000 for a whole beef. On a half and a whole you can have it custom cut to your desires and needs. We charge 3.50 hanging weight which means once the meat is hanging in the cooler and ready to be cut we get the weight off the carcus and charge 3.50 per pound. You will need to expect cut and wrap costs on that weight as well. Normally it is 70 to 80 cents per pound. You will get 65% of that weight back in beef (we have to account for bone weight lose).

Mel's Soaps


Have you seen the soaps at the store or at the market and wanted to know more about them. Mel makes them all by hand and has her own website for Calloused Hands Bounty. Visit her site there and see what she all has available.