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What is Raw Milk?

Raw milk is milk that is handled minimally between the cow and the consumer. There is no pasteurization or hemogination in our process.  We milk with a machine that helps us prevent contamination between the cow and the jar. We filter the milk with a disposable fine mesh cloth filter and it goes straight to the jar. Then it is cooled down and ready for the end consumer.

Is raw milk safe to consume?

Honestly it depends on who you ask. We have been drinking raw milk for 10+ years. We do not deny there is no risk when drinking raw milk. There is a chance to contract things such as Brucella, Campylobacter, cryptosporidium, E. Coli, Listeria and Salmonella. We do everything we can do to decrease that risk. We use a closed machine system to decrease the chance of contamination and we run our jars through a detergent/sanitation process to help ensure cleaniness. Our milk still carries a warning label that states "This product has not been pasteurized or inspected and may contain harmful bacteria. Raw milk, no matter how carefully produced, may be unsafe." Drinking raw milk is a personal decision!! If you want more information you could visit and to get both sides of the story.

Do you have A2 milk?

We don't know, we have never had our girls tested. A2 milk is milk that has a decreased amountof β-casein proteins called A1. What that might mean for you? Some people that found that milk does not agree with them find that they can tolorate A2 milk. We have had people tolorate our milk but not the milk from the grocery store,  but not everyone. We are happy to help if we can but again drinking our milk is your decision.

Do we get cream with the milk?

Yes, our milk is creamed lined. That means that the cream floats to the top when cooled and sits on top of the milk. 
You can either skim it off, adding it to your coffee or make it to butter or be like our family just shake it in and drink milk and cream alike.

What fat percentage is your hamburger?

It is a 90/10 ratio.

What are your store hours?

Mondays: 9 am to 1 pm

Tuesdays: 2 pm to 6 pm (summer months you will find us at Gooding Farmers Market)

Wednesday: 11am to 3 pm

Thursdays: 4:30 to 7:30 pm

Fridays: 7:30 to 11:30 am

Saturdays: by appt only (sometimes we like to break free from the farm)

Sundays: Closed. 

Do we sell Organ meat?

Yes, We process heart, liver, and kidney. Supplies are limited as animals have only limited amount of each but we do offer them for sale when we have them. We also offer tongue and oxtail off of each animal.

Can I get custom cuts on my beef share?

Yes, if you have ordered 1/2 beef share or a whole.  We are happy to walk you through a custom beef cut in relationship to what you and your family likes to eat related to beef.