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How does your Delivery system work? 


We  deliver to Jerome, Twin falls, and Buhl every Saturday from Nov 1st to May 1st (ish). We try to bridge the gap when farmer's Markets are not happening. We try to make this every Satuday during those months but there are a few things we need to make happen to make it all work. 


Our products are here on our website, Place your orders and we can see them. The dairy products I max supply out at the beginning of the week. These are the numbers I can normally gaurentee that we can provide each Saturday. If you try to order and the quanity is low or sold out it is because 1 of 2 factors. One, I didn't get my ducks in a line and get the quanities updated from the previous week, or 2., everyone beat you to the punch. Please reach out to me via text (208-358-2027) to see if we can provide what you need. If I know by thursday night we will make every effort to make it happen depending on supply. If it is after friday the answer will be likely no for we have been selling out every delivery date.


 If you need some soap from Mel's Calloused Hands Bounty company please head over to her website at and order from there directly and we will make sure it gets added to your order. (The reason for seperate orders is just to keep the money straight and allow each company not to be handling the others). 


**We need 250 dollars in orders to make a run. This is collective orders amongst all customers between all our products (beef, pork, dairy and soaps) so the more people that order it will guarantee our go on delivery. We had to set this up due to fuel cost and our time. This is a business so we have to make sure we make ends met. So this is a perfect oppertunity to tell family and friends to order to help with the total $250 that is needed. 

**We will be serving Jerome, Twin Falls, and Buhl for now. Things will change once Farmer's Market season is here. 

Jerome/Twin will be from 9 to 10 am at the Valley Wide parking lot across from Flying J at the interstate Junction.

Next will be Buhl at the Valley Wide parking from 10:45 to 11:45 am.

**Orders must be in by Thursday at Midnight. We will be pulling orders on Friday to be ready to go on Saturday. 

**Please when placing orders, in the comment section write down anything you might need us to know and who will be picking up. You are more then welcome to have friends or family pick up just let us know who they are. Also if you have ordered from Calloused Hands Bounty please just add a comment in too so we can make sure we get everything you ordered. 

**If you ordered and realize that you can't make pick up please let us know by Friday by 12pm for a full refund. If you miss a pick up we will hold your order for a week here at the farm store for pick up. If not picked up you forfeit the funds and we put the stock back into inventory as we are able.

**We hold the right not to deliver due to unfavorable weather and road conditions, Lack of personal to deliver or for unseen emergencies on farms or with family. We will notify you by Friday at 5pm via email or phone call if something should occur to where we can't make delivery dates if able and work out details on getting your orders to you. 


Gooding, Wendell, Hagerman, and Shoshone we will still ask that you come to the store. The store hours will not change. You will have the same 5 days a week to come. 

What if we don't live in the delivery area?

What is Raw Milk?

Raw milk is milk that is handled minimally between the cow and the consumer. There is no pasteurization or hemogination in our process.  We milk with a machine that helps us prevent contamination between the cow and the jar. We filter the milk with a disposable fine mesh cloth filter and it goes straight to the jar. Then it is cooled down and ready for the end consumer.

Is raw milk safe to consume?

Honestly it depends on who you ask. We have been drinking raw milk for 10+ years. We do not deny there is no risk when drinking raw milk. There is a chance to contract things such as Brucella, Campylobacter, cryptosporidium, E. Coli, Listeria and Salmonella. We do everything we can do to decrease that risk. We use a closed machine system to decrease the chance of contamination and we run our jars through a detergent/sanitation process to help ensure cleaniness. Our milk still carries a warning label that states "This product has not been pasteurized or inspected and may contain harmful bacteria. Raw milk, no matter how carefully produced, may be unsafe." Drinking raw milk is a personal decision!! If you want more information you could visit and to get both sides of the story.

Do you have A2 milk?

We don't know, we have never had our girls tested. A2 milk is milk that has a decreased amountof β-casein proteins called A1. What that might mean for you? Some people that found that milk does not agree with them find that they can tolorate A2 milk. We have had people tolorate our milk but not the milk from the grocery store,  but not everyone. We are happy to help if we can but again drinking our milk is your decision.

Do I get cream with the milk?

Yes, our milk is creamed lined. That means that the cream floats to the top when cooled and sits on top of the milk. 
You can either skim it off, adding it to your coffee or make it to butter or be like our family just shake it in and drink milk and cream alike.

What do I do to take care of the milk/cream jar?

Once you're done with your milk rinse the jar with the hottest water your house can provide twice and feel free to hand wash if you would like. Then allow it to air dry upside down at a slight tilt. The tilt will allow the water suction on the bottom to let go of those last drops of water. Once dry put the lid and ring back on and send it our way. (remember to honor the jar deposit we need all parts of the jar back: jar, lid, gasket if it has one, and ring.) We do not reccommend that you run it through your dishwasher for the label adhesive will clog up your dishwasher filter. Also we ask that you leave the labels in place. If they are waterproof they can go through our detergent and sanitization several times and that helps us keep our costs down. 

We can not honor the jar deposit if we do not have the ring, lid (gasket if it had one) and jar all returned. All parts must be returned. Jar also must be returned in good conditon, no cracks or chips that compramize the safety of the milk and/or cream. Also we reserve the right to void a jar deposit if the jar is singificantly dirty. (if you don't want to open it we don't want to clean it). 

What fat percentage is your hamburger?

It is between a 80/20 and a 90/10 ratio.

What are your store hours?

Mondays: 9 am to 1 pm

Tuesdays: 2 pm to 6 pm (summer months you will find us at Gooding Farmers Market)

Wednesday: 11am to 3 pm

Thursdays: 4:30 to 7:30 pm

Fridays: 7:30 to 11:30 am

Saturdays: by appt only (sometimes we like to break free from the farm)

Sundays: Closed. 

Do we sell Organ meat?

Yes, We process heart, liver, and kidney. Supplies are limited as animals have only limited amount of each but we do offer them for sale when we have them. We also offer tongue and oxtail off of each animal.

Can I get custom cuts on my beef share?

Yes, if you have ordered 1/2 beef share or a whole.  We are happy to walk you through a custom beef cut in relationship to what you and your family likes to eat related to beef. Please see Beef Share page for more information. 

My cream is so thick, is that normal?

Yes, at times it can be as thick as ice cream! We try to get it to the consistancy that it "ribbons" out of the jar. We do add skim milk back to every jar to help make it "pourable" but we don't always succeed. One reason for that is that the girls really know how to make cream. They are jerseys so they are well know for their butter fat content that they put in their milk. Once we separate the milk from the cream, the cream will become a solid if we don't add some milk back. This leads me to the second reason, the skim that we add back separates in the jar and you will see about a half inch of milk on the bottom and cream on top and it will be hard. The beauty of one animal sourcing and small operations. We don't always have the equipement to make it all uniform. We eye ball a few things. Hard cream can be used in anything you want to use if for. It will melt in coffee or tea, It will melt when cooked or baked with and sometime you might have to chew your cream when you eat those fresh strawberries. 

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