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Raw unpasteurized cream 1 pint. This is a heavy cream that you can do anything with that you would use cream out of the store for. From butter to cream in you coffee or for whipped cream for the holiday pies.

Cream comes in a 1 pint mason jar. We ask for 2 dollar jar deposit if you don't have a jar to exchange. We ask that when you do exchange a jar is intacted and safely usuable, with jar, lid (gasket if it came with one) to honor the jar deposit.


We do not ship our dairy or meat products. Local Pickup only. 



Raw Unpasturized Cream 1 pint

PriceFrom $7.00
  • 90% of our cream is a thick pourable. We do put back some skim milk to make it this constistancy. If for some reason the milk separates out again the cream will be spoon worthy and almost appear as butter. The cream should still be safe to use and use as you intended. It will continue to make butter, melt in your coffee or melt into what you are cooking. If you feel that it has gone sour please let us know with the date on the top of the jar so we can investigate and see if we can make it right by you the customer. 

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